A Girl Travels the World With a Cat

“If your dream doesn’t scare you, it isn’t big enough!”

Hi, I’m Maria and I travel the world with my Bengal cat Angel.  A while ago I realised that I’m not a big fan of living from Friday to Friday and my life has to go in a different direction.  I quit my boring 9-5 job to follow my guts. My dream scared me and excited me at the same time. But we live our live once and I chose to live it to the fullest.

The story began two years ago. It all started with one crazy active bengal kitten with big eyes and smile who turned my world upside down. A kitten who quickly learned how to enjoy living a traveler’s life. It also started with a camera , a small box of christmas lights, an old mug

with a monkey, a pillow, a portable litter box, and Angels’ favourite rubber ducky, all packed in the two medium size suitcases.  That’s how the journey began. 

We travel the world together and we don’t know where we’re going to be next week. Why we live like this? Because we love it. And that’s what we always dreamed of.

People often ask if it’s difficult to travel with a cat. I don’t really know because we started when Angel was 5 months old and since then she follows me everywhere. Actually, it’s me who follows HER everywhere. Because I always plan our trips according to what would Angel enjoy doing and what she’s comfortable is. It’s our lifestyle. And we are here to invite you to join our pet friendly trips. Because we want to inspire you to create the best memories with your furry friends.

Our first road trip together was cross country 23 hours by car. Angel quickly learned how to enjoy the journey. She eats, drinks, uses her potty on the go. She loves to play in the grass when we make stops. She is not scared of crowded airports and proudly walks on the leash with her happy tail up when we have connecting flights.

Flights are also very easy for us. We never use any calming medications for Angel. She either sleeps during flights or chews treats. We always kindly ask the crew and the passengers around if we can let her out of the carrier and sit on laps. We never had a problem with it because  Angel behaves like an angel.

In the hotel or apartment she feels like home because she knows her humans are there. She loves exploring every new place.

Angel got used to be outside on the leash and even learned how to follow me like a dog. When she gets bored or tired after long walks, I always have her backpack with me. She’s only 3,5 kg so I can easily carry her. She doesn’t mind going with me to the bars and restaurants and sit on the chair. She’s always curious to meet new people and very friendly with them.

I always bring some of her food with me until I find the store that sells the brand she eats. I check in advance if this country sells it. Better be safe and avoid stomach problems.

Is it expensive? A pet plane ticket costs  around $50-150 while most of the train/bus companies allow small pets for free. Sometimes hotels charge pets fee but I usually try to book the ones that don’t . When planning any trip I always include pet expenses in my budget. But once when I had to leave Angel with a pet sitter and it costed me even more. And her sad face broke my heart. So we both prefer travel together. Because happiness of Angel is priceless.

??Angel: “Hi, I’m Angel the beautiful female Bengal cat and I’m two years old. I’m obsessed with food, fashion and travels and I’m not married yet. By the way, I can talk , hope you already noticed lol ?  I enjoy every new place we go especially if there are big fat squirrels  to chase. Pigeons are fine too. Maria thinks that you join our trips because we have many tips and stories to share but I’m sure you are here only because of me and my cuteness. I always say that the world needs more of Angel Bengal? I always influence our trips and I chose where to go. Life with a million dollar babe like me is not cheap ? I’m an expensive babe.  But who the harder the more interesting, right? And hey, Maria, don’t you dare living me with a pet sitter again! I also prefer living my life to the fullest because I want my grand children to be proud of their granny Angelita when I’m 80 years old! Thank you friend for joining our pet friendly trips. We can’t wait to share them with you on our new TripAdvisor page  ??‍♀️?”

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