??: “Angel, how do you find pet friendly hotels ? ”- you ask me often. It’s super easy! I personally visited so many hotels and apartments. And there is no country where I wouldn’t book a room that allows furry travellers. Maria even managed to get a place  for us couple hours before check-in. That’s how simple it is. 

On TripAdvisor  , where we usually book accommodations, there is a filter “Pets Allowed”.  Click on it! It will hide almost 30% of the options but there are still many to chose from. Especially when such a cutie like me has the opportunity to curl up on the cozy bed,  any hotel gets extra 5 stars from me for it’s coolness. Fans of Luxury Hotels, don’t panic yet! There are a lot of awesome accommodations on TripAdvisor that will be happy to welcome their four-legged guests.

Most of the time I stay for free, but sometimes they charge us extra. Once, Maria had to leave $500 deposit in case i destroy something in the room . Bummer!  I’m very well behaved girl and play only with my own toys that we bring with us.


The most amazing experience I had in the Arctic Light Hotel in Rovaniemi, Finland. They welcomed me as a special guest and gave me my own blanket, a water bowl and a 

catnip squirrel toy. They also provided a door sign that warned the housekeepers about me in the room.   It was very thoughtful to give us a room with the separate street entrance so that we don’t disturb other guests who may not like animals. The staff was so kind to me, always smiling and petting me. They let me walk in the lobby and explore everything.  By the way Arctic Light is not only gorgeous place but also they’re proud to be a WWF partner and help them raise awareness about the threat of global warming and polar bears habitat. I wish that all hotels in the world treated four-legged guests as humans like the Arctic Light Hotel does. I felt like home there. 

If you ask me what I recommend to the pet owners who travel with their furry friends, I would say  the most important to stay clean and respect the hotel rules.  Always make sure to check the Pet Policy before arriving and even before booking. The rules may say that pets are allowed on request and charges may apply. Meaning that you have to let them know  in advance that you are coming with your furry buddy. Some of accommodations have size and weight restrictions. So don’t hesitate to call them.  Especially if the deal is non-refundable, contact the hotel before booking.



Now you know how easy it is to find a pet friendly hotel on TripAdvisor if you and your four-legged friend travel together. Pack up some toys  and get ready for your journey! Add maybe one day you will meet me and Maria in the hotel somewhere on the other end of the world. Don’t forget to follow me on TripAdvisor to know first where I’m going next.


Angel Bengal


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